Sprinkler Systems

An Oasis Irrigation system dramatically increases the beauty and health of your entire landscape by providing precise amounts of water at the appropriate times. Furthermore, it allows you to spend more time doing what you really want to do without the hassle of worrying about your landscape. Never again will you need to drag hoses around your lawn!

Oasis recommends Rain Bird, the world’s #1 leader in irrigation products. Rain Bird has 70+ years of experience in more than 100 countries. When you choose Rain Bird, you are purchasing the best products available. When you choose Oasis, you are ensuring you have the best design, warranties, and service available.

Oasis sets the standard for quality assurance with a Life‐Time Warranty on Rain Bird products & a 5‐Year Warranty on labor. No other company offers these comprehensive guarantees, but we are extremely confident in the high level of quality built into every Oasis installation.

We have the distinctions of being a Rain Bird Select Contractor and are also a Maxicom Certified Installation Contractor.

Maintenance Plans:

Oasis also provides regular maintenance, spring set‐up, backflow preventer testing, and winterization of sprinkler systems. As part of our spring set‐up service, we will activate the system and test each zone to insure proper operation for the upcoming season. After that, all you have to do is simply enjoy your outdoor Oasis.

Part of our comprehensive Maintenance Plans provides for unlimited visits at no additional fees for check‐ups, adjustments, instructions etc. You only pay extra for work that is not covered by the original Life‐Time product warranty. Other companies do not offer this extra level of service.

Backflow is defined as the unwanted reversal of flow in a water distribution system. Due to changes in the hydraulic pressure in a water distribution system or a piping system inside a customer’s premises, backflow occurs on a regular basis. The polluting substance, usually a liquid, tends to enter the potable water supply if the net force acting upon the liquid acts in the direction of the water supply. Therefore, two factors are essential for backflow to occur. First, the normal direction of flow in the distribution system must be interrupted. Second, there must be a link or connection between the potable system and the source of contamination. Due to the health risks that come with the possibility of contaminating our water supply, Missouri requires all irrigation systems be tested annually by a state‐certified backflow prevention assembly tester to verify the proper function of reduced pressure principle assemblies and double check valve assemblies.

Come late fall, before the first freeze, the process of irrigation “blow out” becomes a priority for us. If all of the water in the pipes is not evacuated it can freeze, causing cracks/leaks in the pipes which will lead to costly repairs. Our winterization service covers blowing out all the water in the lines and shutting the system down for the winter.

Oasis provides our clients with a No‐Freeze Warranty, so you can rest assured you will not have any freeze problems. Once again, other companies do not offer this.

All in all, Oasis’ superior products, installation, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction adds up to your best value in lawn irrigation available anywhere.

  • Irrigation Design, Installation, Maintenance
  • Life‐Time Rain Bird Product Warranties
  • 5‐Year Oasis Labor Warranties
  • Backflow Preventer Testing – State Certified
  • Fall Blow‐Out Guarantees
  • Water Conservation Smart Controllers & Sprinklers
  • Rain/Freeze Sensors
  • New Installations or Add‐Ons
  • Drip Irrigation for Shrubs & Trees
  • Emergency Service Repairs
  • Monthly & Yearly Maintenance Plans
  • New & Existing Client Discount

Oasis has proudly provided Irrigation services since 1989.