Lawn Sprinkler System Repair

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Residential Irrigation

We started our landscaping and irrigation company doing lawn care and small lawn sprinkler repairs. Over the years, we have mastered residential irrigation systems. With many years of experience, we have practiced what it takes to provide expert lawn sprinkler repair services. Oasis Landscaping and Irrigation provides the best-value full service irrigation and landscaping, no matter how big or small. We have very professional crews who pay attention to details when it comes to your lawn sprinkler system. and over many fully loaded sprinkler repair trucks ready to go.

Commercial Irrigation

Oasis is your expert irrigation repair & installation service company. With a solid reputation with installing and maintaining commercial irrigation systems. Our crews have the skills and experience to complete any commercial irrigation installation or lawn sprinkler heads or spray heads repair, along with any irrigation maintenance.

Make Oasis Your New Sprinkler Repair Company

Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Repair

Oasis delivers reliable sprinkler system repair. If it’s a simple sprinkler head repair or complex sprinkler issues, we fix all issues despite the brand-names of landscape sprinkler systems.

Our crew will test the entire sprinkler systems reliability. Oasis uses only quality brand-name irrigation supplies. We fix any type of system whether it’s an Orbit sprinkler system or a Hunter sprinkler system or any other brand.

Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler system design is both an art and a science, which we believe we have mastered after years of sprinkler irrigation installs. We design and install new lawn sprinkler systems and replace old and dysfunctional systems with newer better technology for high efficiency of water delivery, hopefully it lowers that water bill too!

Oasis designs irrigation systems with future maintenance in mind, tested durability and an efficient delivery of water.

Oasis Irrigation System Design Process

Oasis system design process was developed through years of experience. Oasis methods, procedures, and best practices, ensure we deliver your system the right way the first time. Oasis design process begins by looking at the data: the soil, the run off, the garden plants and trees, and etc.

Oasis Sprinkler Installation Process

Once the irrigation design is complete, the supplies are made and or gathered and a sketch is made for the new system to get the required permit, if even needed. Next, Oasis arrives at the customer site for digging and trenching stage. Oasis always uses landscape safe spray paint, and our crews will use it mark the design to guide crafting of required supplies. Then the trenches are dug and our crew begins to do any required jetting under any sidewalks and/or driveways to begin constructing of the sprinkler system.

Oasis then assembles and builds the irrigation system. The very last step is to fill all holes dug and cover sprinkler system components with soil. Our crew will always respect your property and will clean up the area. Your satisfaction with the final product is our highest priority.

Post installation, the Oasis crew will check the reliability of the new system, as well as it’s performance. Sprinklers are adjusted for best coverage and the timer is set to the appropriate water schedule. Oasis will provide a brief run down of the new irrigation system, an irrigation control manual, and show you how to customize a sprinkler schedule.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Keeping the lawn irrigation system healthy is the key to keeping the landscaping healthy. Let’s avoid those getting those brown spots. Oasis sprinkler system maintenance has a regular service schedule. We visit your property and run through a checklist to ensure a healthy system.

The sprinkler system testing starts at the control box. We check out the sprinkler heads, check for leaks, check for optimal water coverage, adjust the height of the heads, and make sure everything is operating correctly.

Planned Sprinkler Maintenance

Irrigation maintenance keeps your lawn looking healthy. All your landscape sprinklers must be properly working and adjusted to deliver water to the right spots for complete watering coverage.

When sprinkler heads are not delivering water like they should, or they’re not facing the right direction, the results may end up being dead grass or brown spots in the yard. Yuck.

Bugs and weeks LOVE brown spots. The yard will slowly allow the bugs and weeds to take over and kill the lawn.

The key to a healthy lawn is to never allow brown spots to begin. A regular maintenance routine will help keep those brown spots from appearing, and keeping the irrigation system in shape.

An aging sprinkler system requires check ups to keep it working at it’s best. As the system ages, the heads may slip out of position, they may start to leak, get covered in dirt, or even get clogged, or broken by cars.

If we find an issue, we will show you the problem. There will be an estimated cost for extensive defects or issues. All faulty components will be disclosed with you and fixed as per your request.

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