Sprinkler Blowout & Winterization

Sprinkler blowouts and shut down, Sprinkler Winterization, Winterizing sprinkler system or Irrigation Winterization are all different names for the same process of protecting your sprinkler system from any damages linked to freezing temperatures.
We all know that winters can get tough in Boone County and its surroundings. When the freezing temperatures are cold enough to freeze below the depth of your installed piping, extensive damage can occur. Even if you shut down the water and drain the system some stagnant water can remain in your system. If this water freezes it will expand and crack your Polyethylene and PVC pipes or sometimes even damage the internal components of your brass body. Leaks can also cause damages to your grass, plants and cause water infiltrations. Sprinklers systems are expensive investments and are part of your property value, risking damaging them can end up costing you a lot of money.
This is why most people prefer hiring professionals to perform this potentially hazardous servicing.

Oasis’ highly trained professionals will help prevent your sprinkler system from freezing this winter by releasing any compressed air and use a blowout device to purge the system to remove any remaining water. Blowouts are by far the most efficient technique to winterize your system. But if not performed by a professional this operation can become dangerous.

If needed, we will also perform the following tasks

  • Inspect your sprinklers for weak points
  • Winterize exterior pipes and spigots
  • Drain Water Tank and Close Valve
  • Come back in the spring to restart up your sprinkler system.
No matter who installed your system our long experience allows us to be able to work with most systems sold in the country whether they are automatic or manual.
You don’t even Need to be home!
If you can drain your own basement pipe prior to our arrival you don’t even need to be home for us to winterize your sprinklers. If not, you will need to be home to allow us to perform the winterization.
Don’t wait for the temperature to drop!

Whether you decide to contact us or someone else, you should get an appointment as early as possible. As the year enters its colder months, the longer you wait, the more risk you are taking. Missouri winters can reach freezing temperatures as early as November, so we recommend that you prepare your sprinkler system during the months of September and October. But as you can imagine, it is also our busiest time of the year so don’t wait any longer and click on the link below to get started with us!

We also offer snow removal services and Monthly & Yearly Maintenance Plans for your sprinkler systems and your garden.

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