Certified Back Flow Testing

Backflow is the reversal of normal water flow caused by a change in water pressure.
Water systems are made to distribute water from your provider to your tap. But sometimes a drop-in pressure can change the direction of the water. Which can lead to the contamination of the water distribution system of your property and your neighborhood. Over the past few decades backflows were at the origin of many water contaminations that led to health hazards in communities all across the country.
Your irrigation system can create backflows.
One of the most common origins of backflow contaminations are sprinkler systems. Most homeowners use fertilizers and pesticides to maintain their lawn, and in case of a reversal of pressure these unwanted substances can contaminate your tap water through cross connection between your potable and non-potable water systems. To prevent exposure to unwanted health risks, the state of Missouri implemented a backflow preventor state law (state regulation 10 CSR 60-11.010). This law requires the installation of a backflow device to your irrigation system and that a certified tester must inspect it annually
Our certified backflow testers can test your irrigation system in order to comply with state law and make sure your tap water is safe to use
Despite state law, in order to maintain a good water quality, it is important for your backflow system to be tested annually. No matter which type of backflow device is installed on your property we will be able to test and make sure that it runs smoothly. If you are ready to get your system checked or have more questions about the backflow testing process don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the link below.
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